Big Badz

Big BadzPlatinum Studios is proud to unveil one of their newest characters to the comic book universe. Big Badz is an epic tale of survival for a group of inner-city housing project residents that band together to fight off a pack of murderous werewolves that are attempting to invade their homes and overrun their neighborhood.

Written by famed comic book writer Chuck Dixon, Big Badz follows the trials of a disgruntled ex-cop and his unlikely ally, a brave animal control officer. Together, they join forces with a strange hunter who has devoted his life to destroy the werewolves. As the gruesome battle wages on, the heroes realize that their mysterious ally may not be so different from the lupine savages howling for their blood… they must pick between the lesser of two evils if they wish to survive the night.

Charles Dixon is an American comic book writer, best known for his work on the Marvel Comic Book character The Punisher and on the DC Comics characters Batman, Nightwing, and Robin in the 1990s and early 2000s. Together with Platinum Studios and Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Dixon spun a dark and intriguing storyline that has everything from adventure to gore, and even kinship and brotherhood.


You can find the Platinum Studio Comic Book Big Badz on Amazon 

Platinum Studios and Scott Mitchell Rosenberg

Platinum Studios Comics is a comic book based entertainment company controlling one of the world’s largest independent libraries of comic book characters, which it develops for filmed entertainment, games, merchandise and other media. Fourteen time New York Times Best Seller creator Scott Mitchell Rosenberg is the Chairman and CEO. Productions include the number one box office film, “Cowboys & Aliens”, starring Star Wars’ Harrison Ford (“Star Wars”, “Indiana Jones”) and “James Bond” lead, Daniel Craig. Platinum Studios’ library includes characters that have appeared worldwide in both millions of comics and broadcast television, film, games, the internet and more.

Scoot Mitchell Rosenberg established Platinum Studios in 1997 following a successful, high-profile career as the founder of Malibu Comics, a leading independent comic book company that he sold to Marvel Comics (since acquired by The Walt Disney Company) in 1994, then becoming the second highest ranking executive at Marvel. During his time at Malibu Comics, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg’s company broke every sales and marketing record known to independent comic publishing, was the first to launch an entire comic book publishing line via television advertising and became the first line-wide digital comic publisher after innovatively adapting the Adobe Photoshop software for computer color production of comics. Scott Rosenberg and Malibu Comics have led many successful comic spin-offs into toys, television, and feature films, including signing the billion-dollar live action film and animated television phenomenon, “Men in Black”, with Sony Pictures, Platinum Studios Comics which has now generated over $1.6-billion in box office alone. Platinum Studios has been indirectly financed, in part, by royalties from the “Men in Black” franchise, including each of the “Men in Black” sequels and the multiple seasons of the animated series. “Men in Black” is the number one domestic grossing buddy comedy, and the number one sci-fi comedy, of all time.

Platinum Studios regularly teams up with many other billion-dollar grossing film and television producers for both development and production including such storytellers as Steven Spielberg, Ron Howard, Brian Grazer, Shrek producer John Williams, and producers or story developers of major film or television productions such as “Transformers”, “Batman Begins”, “Superman Returns”, all the “Harry Potter” movies, Denis L. Stewart’s “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Star Trek”, and others.

Platinum StudiosIn 1992 Scott Mitchell Rosenberg brokered a deal in which seven top-selling artists defected en-masse from Marvel Comics to form Image Comics at Malibu Comics instead of the major two publishers, Marvel and DC Comics. Rosenberg signed the artists to a label deal, giving the upstart creator-run publisher access to Malibu Comics’ distribution channels and well-regarded marketing division. This, and Malibu’s other titles, subsequently led to Malibu breaking all sales records for independent comics, including temporarily moving ahead of industry giant, DC Comics. Rosenberg has recently worked on a deal to bring Platinum Studios digital distribution rights to some of these same titles.

Today, Scott Mitchell Rosenberg produces and develops comic book properties for all media, including slates of live-action and animated feature films, television series for major networks, direct to DVD features, animated features and direct to web content. His vision has allowed Platinum to develop the business model of the future where properties are developed simultaneously for multiple distribution models to maximize profitability, visibility and availability for everyone involved, from the creator to the consumer. Scott Rosenberg can also often be seen perusing the 1000 page plus comic character bible he created that starts before the Big Bang and spans 14 billion years and multiple dimensions!

You can find the Platinum Studio Comic Book Big Badz on Amazon