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Los Angeles, CA — (SBWIRE) — 02/22/2021 — Platinum Studios Inc (PDOS), a comic book-based entertainment company controlling a library of thousands of comic characters, has announced the beta launch of the website This site, while also a business-to-business site like its parent,, will give more information on the individual comic book properties, and will eventually include or link to descriptions of many individual characters.

By showcasing individual comics and characters, it will make it easier for companies and creative individuals to work with us in developing adaptations for other media, including film, television, streaming, and licensing of merchandise” said CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg.

This will include many genres of comics including superhero adventures originally published by Awesome Comics or Image Comics such as “Youngblood”, “Supreme”, “Vogue”, “Knightmare”, and “Badrock”, science fiction and horror stories from Platinum Studios Comics including “Atlantis Rising”, “Cowboys & Aliens”, and “The Ghosting”, diverse and inclusive tales from Echelon Graphic Novels, written by Ethan Murphy, including “IpSwych”, “Screenboy”, “Slate & Ashe”, and “Blackmoore”, and stories of triumph over adversity in the science fiction based world of Triumphant Comics among many others. Some of these are properties either currently in development or for upcoming development for film, tv, streaming, and other mediums.

Rosenberg created and produced the $175 million-grossing “Cowboys & Aliens” movie, based on the New York Times best-selling graphic novel of the same name, which Platinum Studios also produced alongside Universal Pictures, DreamWorks, and Paramount Pictures. Rosenberg previously owned Malibu Comics (later sold to Marvel/Disney), through which he brought the billion-dollar “Men in Black” franchise to Sony. It was at Malibu Comics where Rosenberg became familiar with Rob Liefeld’s creation, “Youngblood”, which was launched at Malibu Comics by Image Comics, and was the first independent comic book to ever hit number-one on the comics sales charts.

About Platinum Studios
Platinum Studios, Inc is a comic book character-based entertainment company that controls an independently owned library of thousands of comic characters. The company produces and develops comic books, film, television, and merchandise, and is a licensor of rights. Platinum Studios has released films and/or television programming with Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, MGM, Showtime, and Lions Gate. Platinum has developed film or television with others, including The Walt Disney Company, Time-Warner’s New Line Cinema, 20th Century Fox and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

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