Before there was SPACE… Before there was DIMENSION… Before there was TIME… there was THE BIG BANG! But before the Big Bang, there was a whole other universe. And before that universe, another universe, and so on, and so on, and so on.

Each time, the story was the same. A “BIG BANG” and then implosion. “THE BIG CRUNCH.” The old macroverse would collapse back upon itself, destroying worlds, life, progress, history, until all that remained was a concentrated universal mass that inevitably led to yet another Big Bang. And the cycle would repeat.

But in the Macroverse just prior to ours, a group of aliens tried to save themselves from implosion coming close to succeeding! They created the WARPSHIFT ARTIFACT, technology and a plan that would prevent universal implosion; a blob of liquid metal alloy that contained all of their vast accumulated knowledge, including their blueprints and plans for saving their Macroverse. It was programmed to reenter the continuum sometime after the next Big Bang then to find and bond with intelligent life that had the potential to wield the Artifact’s vast knowledge and save the next Macroverse from the cycle of futility. Thus, in some way, the lives and works of Warpshift Aliens would not have been in vain.

The Artifact was “Zero-Dimensional” which meant it could exist outside the fabric of space-time in what is known as “THE BORDERLAND”. And so the old universe imploded, the Crunch reached critical mass, and then… the Big Bang! Our Big Bang. Our Universe was born. And it all began again. Space expanded. Time raced forward. And an infinite number of parallel dimensions split off from DIMENSION ONE resulting in the MACROVERSE

But in Dimension One, over millions of years, a species evolved toward sentience. Over millions more, it went out into the Universe. THE GREYS.

The Greys explored the limits of space and time. They visited other worlds, and other dimensions. They watched newer, younger ALIEN RACES sprout up across a thousand galaxies. And they despaired. Like the Warpshift Aliens before them, the Greys realized that their Macroverse was doomed. The Big Crunch would come. The universe would reset and all that the Greys had known and learned would be lost. The Greys became explorers and set out across space, time and dimension to find way to end the futility.

On an obscure solar system on a small blue planet, a shiny blob of metal, was literally picked up off the ground by a curious primate. It bonded with the primitive and formed a band around the primate’s wrist. The Artifact sparked a sea change in human development. It sparked the imagination of man, creating the need for images, symbols and eventually language. Modern man had emerged. And leading the way was the man with the Warpshift Artifact. A primitive with imagination, the first man to give himself a name: DARKON.

Legends had begun to swirl around the Artifact. Legends of Power the descendants of Darkon began to develop mega-human powers and abilities. The bonding of Artifact to Man attracted the attention of the Greys. They arrived on Earth a mere two thousand years after Darkon found the Artifact. Meanwhile, the few surviving mega-powered Darkons were persecuted as tyrants and freaks. They were forced to hide their powers and scatter, spreading out across the globe, soon forgotten by all but the Greys themselves.

And yet none of this represented the Greys’ biggest problem: the Macroverse continued to constantly split off into more and more parallel dimensions. Time after time, the Greys lost the Artifact as they found themselves on one version of Earth while the Artifact surfaced upon another.

After three thousand years of frustration, the Greys came up with a new course of action. They would cordon off a pocket dimension within the Macroverse: an entire uni-dimensional Universe of expanding space and forward-moving time that would no longer split into infinite parallel dimensional tracks. Finally, there would be an Earth and a set of Darkons for the Warpshift Artifact that the Greys could keep track of.

The Greys activated their ISOLATION FIELD. But in the fraction of a second it took for the I-Field to fully form, the Macroverse split again… and again… and again. Instead of one dimension in their pocket, they found that they had isolated seven. Thus the CLUSTER-RANGE of seven dimensions was born.

Initially, the Greys were appalled. But soon they realized that the Cluster-Range presented certain advantages. The seven distinct universes within the I-Field would no longer split, so the danger of losing the Artifact had successfully been averted. And seven Universes meant seven planet Earths. Seven chances to find a Darkon descendant who might someday be able to activate the Artifact.

EARTH ALPHA (Α) – This is quite literally our world. Sometimes the unexpected happens, something good or even something horrendous. But here on Alpha, it’s all very real, very possible, very normal, etc. The fantasy, the weird science, the mega-heroes – it’s all the stuff of fiction, of movies, television, video games and comic books.

EARTH BETA (Β) – This world is very much like ours, except that all the McDonalds Restaurants are called Burger Zones and all the telephone prefixes begin with 555. Weird stuff can happen here, but as far as the General Public is concerned, it’s all either way under the radar or else comes with an extremely convincing ‘logical explanation’.

EARTH GAMMA (Γ) – Also known as PENUMBRA, this is a Looking Glass World, where life is largely normal, just backwards. On Penumbra, for example, most people work at night and sleep during the day, etc. There are a number of other differences from our world, both small and large, but as with Beta, life goes on normally here, at least from the point of view of Penumbra’s inhabitants.

EARTH DELTA (Δ) – Here at the center of the Cluster-Range, heroes and villains walk the Earth. Some are descendants of the enhanced Darkons. Others utilize cutting edge technology. Some are visitors from other worlds. A few have even received gifts from the GODS. The stories here operate right at radar level, some just below, some just above. Nevertheless, weird stuff happens, and a reluctant populace is being forced to get used to it.

EARTH EPSILON (Ε) – Here, ALL the descendants of Darkon seemed to have acquired mega-powers. Weird stuff happens, pretty much on the hour, and the public is way used to it and semi-jaded. Mega-Heroes are celebrities, and there are so many out there that almost everybody knows at least one. The planet is so self-aware, many casually refer to their own world as ‘Earth-Epsilon’.

EARTH ZETA (Ζ) – No Mega-Heroes on this one. The people are all fairly normal. But technology has advanced much more rapidly than on the other planets. There are colonies on the Moon and MARS (Ζ). Hovercars, etc. And all of it taken for granted most of the time.

EARTH THETA (Θ) – Also called D’AAN, this world has a hole at its core where mystic energy from the Borderland leaks in. Because of this, all technology is magic-based and people can study to transform themselves into Dragons or other mythical beasties.

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