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About Platinum Studios
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History of Platinum Studios

2006—Platinum Studios acquires DrunkDuck.com, a leading webcomics community and providing creators of webcomics an easily accessible avenue to create revenue from their ideas.

2006—Platinum Studios purchases BrokenFrontier.com, a leading comic book news site in order to increase its online presence. The New Media division re-launches the site to cover comic books and all genre-related subjects, vastly increasing its range and scope of influence.

2006—Platinum and NBC 7-39 (local San Diego affiliate) create “The Comic Book Challenge“, a reality based contest where prospective comic book creators get to pitch their ideas to industry professionals and possibly see their dream of being published become a reality. The Challenge receives massive response from around the world, with entries from dozens of countries.

2006—Platinum Studios creates its Platinum Studios Mobile Division in order to create a mobile outlet for its intellectual property and allow consumers to purchase wallpapers, ringtones, screen savers, and games. http://www.PlatinumStudiosMobile.com

2006—Platinum forms a Board of Advisors to help guide it into the next step of its evolution. Members include, among others, a former President of New Media at Marvel Comics, a co-founder of Nintendo of America, and a former President of Worldwide Home Entertainment at Paramount Pictures.

2005—Brian Altounian joins Platinum Studios as its President and Chief Operating Officer. Altounian’s background is in business development, finance, operations and administration and he has applied those skills to a variety of start-ups, Fortune 100 companies, and public and private organizations.

2005—Platinum Studios acquires the exclusive rights to develop worldwide film and television properties based on Hexagon Comic’s famous universe of comic book characters. Hexagon Comics is France’s last and largest independent library of creator-owned properties.

2005—Platinum Studios, IDG Films, and Relativity Media team up to produce back to back features based on the popular Top Cow title, “Witchblade“.

2005—Platinum Studios teams with Gale Anne Hurd’s Valhalla Motion Pictures to develop the Top Cow property “Magdalena“ into a full length feature film.

2005—Platinum Studios acquires the exclusive rights to develop worldwide film and television properties based on Hexagon Comic’s famous universe of comic book characters. Hexagon Comics is France’s last and largest independent library of creator-owned properties.

2004—Platinum Studios partners with Dean Valentine's First Family Entertainment to adapt several Platinum properties for television and direct-to-DVD premiere features, including Meet the Haunteds and Spaced. 

2004—Platinum Studios acquires exclusive film and television rights to the extensive library of Top Cow Productions, the most successful independent comic book publisher. Combined with Platinum's already large catalog of characters, the deal gives Platinum Studios the world's largest independently controlled character library.

2004—Platinum Studios enters into an exclusive content deal with UFO Magazine, Inc. to develop the publication's extensive library for feature films, video games and comic books. The deal encompasses more than 20 years' worth of content as well as ongoing new material.

2004—Platinum Studios inks a deal with Disney's Touchstone Pictures to develop its original graphic novel Unique into a feature film, with David Goyer directing, and David Heyman and Mr. Rosenberg producing.

2003—Col. John B. Alexander, leading military advisor, noted expert on advanced technology and non-lethal weaponry, and technical consultant to Tom Clancy and Michael Crichton, joins Platinum Studios in a multi-year exclusive deal to develop a line of graphic novels, video games, feature films, and television series based on Col. Alexander's extensive expertise in cutting-edge weaponry and national security threats.

2003—Platinum Studios inks a first-look deal with Walt Disney for TV animation.

2003—Platinum Studios sets up Cowboys & Aliens with Sony Pictures and Escape Artists as a 'tentpole' motion picture event.

2002—Showtime airs the first season of Jeremiah, a graphic novel by Hermann Huppen adapted to television by Platinum Studios and award-winning writer/producer, J. Michael Straczynski (creator of Babylon 5). The series, starring Luke Perry and Malcolm-Jamal Warner, is the first-ever European comic book to become a live-action U.S. television series.

2001—The original Men In Black film and its sequel gross more than $1 billion worldwide for Sony/Columbia Pictures, and spawn a hit animated television series.

2001—Platinum sets up Mal Chance as a feature film with Miramax Films.

1999—Platinum acquires film and television rights to the independent comics hit The Adventures of Barry Ween by Judd Winick, star of MTV's The Real World.

1999—Platinum Studios licenses the Italian comic book Nathan Never to DreamWorks SKG for a feature film project.

1999—Platinum Studios acquires film and television rights to the popular, long-running independent comic series Ninja High School.

1998—Platinum Studios acquires film and television rights to the Spanish comic book series Mal Chance.

1997—Platinum Studios acquires film and television rights to the long-running European graphic novel series Jeremiah, by award-winning artist Hermann Huppen.

1997—Platinum Studios inks a deal with popular comics artist Rob Liefeld, bringing in legendary comic book writer Alan Moore (creator of Watchmen, From Hell, and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) to retool Liefeld's Awesome Comics line, which Platinum will develop for film and television.

1997—Platinum Studios acquires the film and television rights to Dylan Dog. The horror comic Dylan Dog, created by Tiziano Sclavi and published by Sergio Bonelli Editore, is Italy's most-popular and iconic comic book series with over 50 million copies sold.

1997—Platinum Studio begins development of its Macroverse, Platinum's own universe of characters and stories, and the largest most extensive development bible in the industry.

1997—Platinum Studios acquires film and television rights to the popular Italian science fiction comics Nathan Never and Legs Weaver.

1997—Men In Black is released and shortly becomes the top-grossing comic-to-film adaptation worldwide.

1997—Platinum Studios is founded.

1997—Night Man becomes the first live-action television show (produced by Mr. Rosenberg) based on a Malibu Comics character. Mr. Rosenberg worked with William Morris Agency to raise 100% of the financing for the series, which went on to become the second highest-rated syndicated series of the 1997-1998 season.

1995—Mr. Rosenberg brokers a deal with Universal Studios to develop Prime as a live-action feature film.

1995—Ultraforce becomes the first animated television series based on Malibu characters.

1994—Marvel Comics wins a bidding war to acquire Malibu Comics.

1994—Mr. Rosenberg creates a deal with Galoob to generate action figures based on the popular Ultraforce characters.

1993—Malibu develops the independent, creator-owned comic line Bravura.

1993—Malibu launches the first TV ad campaign for comics.

1992—The first Image Studios comic book distributed via Malibu becomes the first independent comic to hit No. 1 on the sales charts.

1992—Malibu aligns with the seven top-selling comic artists when the artists defect from Marvel Comics to found Image Studios. The move changes the comic world forever, vaulting independent comics to the top-ten sales lists and reaffirming the importance of creators.

1992—Mr. Rosenberg brokers a deal with Sony Pictures to turn Men In Black into a feature film that will become a billion-dollar film and television franchise.

1989—Malibu Comics publishes Lowell Cunningham's Men In Black comic book. Cunningham, a first-time writer, was turned down by every other U.S. publisher.

1986—Scott Mitchell Rosenberg (future CEO of Platinum Studios) founds Malibu Comics. Malibu's first comic, Ex-Mutants #1, breaks all sales records for independent comics. Malibu quickly becomes the No. 1 independent comic book publisher in the U.S.








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